Sep 25, 2018 11:37:59 AM Jon Harper avatar   476

Development related

  • Why are we not doing mandatory reviews?
  • Is there an Eclipse plugin for the Lutece developments?
  • Add a development switch that removes the hassle of changing the admin password ? And automatically "installs" plugins ?

Maven related

  • How to build all our artifacts from scratch (ie without the nexus repository)
  • How to build all our artifacts in one maven reactor build without using mvn install
  • How to build a website (ie a war) and arbitrary dependencies (jars, lutece-plugins, lutece-core) in one maven reactor build without using mvn install
  • How to build with a modified parent-pom ?
  • How to ensure that the current reactor build only uses artifacts from the reactor
  • How to remove the circular dependency from lutece-core to library-lutece-unit-testing
  • How to ensure that the master branch builds all the time. Currently we keep open ranges in the master branch so non compatible changes to dependencies break the dependents
  • How to integrate another build like Sass or Less in the Lutece build cycle
  • What about adding an option like "-DskipLuteceWar" to speed up the build in dev (during the lutece:site-assembly goal)

Tomcat related

  • How to redeploy without downtime
  • How to reload properties
    • for i18n messages, clicking "Clear all caches" in the cache management in the back office reloads the i18n properties.
    • What about the rest ?

Database related

  • why do database upgrade script only work for mysql, and not postgresql ?

SEO related

  • Should we create explicit URLs by language

Documentation related

Security related

  • Should Lut├Ęce recommend the use of a "safe" / "unsafe" variable naming convention to encourage systematic input encoding and output decoding (to avoid XSS) ?