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Integrate a Recast chatbot into a Lutece site

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This guide shows how to integrate a Chatbot powered platform Recast.ai into a Lutece site.

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Three modes of integration are possible:

  • mode 1: The chat is in the form of a web page (XPage classic)
  • mode 2: The chat comes in a popup that opens with a button at the bottom right of any page of the site
  • mode 3: The chat is integrated in iframe in another site

To integrate a Recast bot the only information needed is the Access Token of it.

Website creation

Required components

The necessary plugins are:

  • The ChatBot plugin which offers the conversational user interface in webpage, popup or content mode to integrate in iframe. This interface is not related to Recast and can be used with other chatbot.
  • The plugin Recast which communicates with the Recast platform by encapsulating calls to the DIalog API in particular. In addition, this plugin is used to interpret all types of response messages specific to Recast: card , quickReplies , picture , video , ...
  • The Recast Bots that allows to create instances of bots and publish them on the interface of the ChatBot plugin.

Creating the site POM

To create the site POM, you can use the LuteceTools service https://dev.lutece.paris.fr/incubator/jsp/site/Portal.jsp?page=createsitepom

Add the following plugins:


Generating the WebApp of the site

In the directory containing the POM of the previously created site. Start the build of the site with the following Maven command:

mvn lutece:site-assembly

Setting up and launching the WebApp

In the WEB-INF/conf/db.properties file, configure the database name, and the user / password information to access it.

Then launch the Maven command to play the database creation script:

mvn antrun:run

Set up your Tomcat to point to the WebApp and launch it.

Administration and use

Declare a Recast bot in the Lutece Back Office

In the BackOffice of Lutece accessible at the following address:

http: //myhost/jsp/admin/AdminLogin.jsp

and using the default account admin / adminadmin.

Select from the "Manage Recast Bots" menu and click on Add Bot and fill in the following fields:

Bot statement

Bot usage

Mode 1: web page

Access to the web page is via the following URL:

http: //myhost/jsp/site/Portal.jsp? page = chatbot

Mode 2: Integration via a popup

This integration is done by adding the bookmark of the PageInclude offered by the ChatBot plugin in the HTML template of the site (file WEB-INF / templates / site / page_frameset.html). You must add the following line in this file before closing the body tag.

$ {chat_popup_include}

Mode 3: IFRAME integration

The URL to source the IFRAME is:

https: //myhost/jsp/site/Portal.jsp? page = chatbot & view = bot & bot = mybot & standalone = true & lang = en