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Lutèce is a free and open source portal engine that allows you to quickly create a dynamic web site or application.

This wiki aims to put on line and to allow the sharing by the community of the developers the tutorials of use of Lutèce. To participate in the Wiki, create an account, and share your Lutece experience!



General overview
Features overview
General principles of integration

City of Paris Applications catalog
Demos Docker images

Software architecture
Basic Services of Lutece
Authentication - SSO - MyLutece
Cache management Important
Use of Spring Framework
Access to data
Using JPA
Bean validation (JSR 303)

Norms Important
Coding conventions
Naming rules
Documentation conventions
Logging rules
Checkstyle / PMD rules
JIRA and bug tracking rules Important
SQL Recipes
Security concerns Important
Internationalization (i18n)
GIT branching rules

Development environment
Required tools installation
Tips for Netbeans users
Tips for IntelliJ users
Tips for Eclipse users
Using lutece Maven plugin Important
Project Management with GitHub
How lutece-maven-plugin works
Synchronizing GitHub repositories
Generate Freemarker macro documentation
Create a plugin
Lutece plugins
Tutorial: Create a plugin step by step
Create plugins in Kotlin New

Code generation
Code Wizard

Front office
Create an XPage
XPage sample: An HelloWorld Plugin
Create a Portlet
Create a new PageIncludeServic
Create a new ContentService
Create a component for MyDashboard
Create servlets and filters

Back Office
Create new administration features

Create a Daemon
Create a LinkService
Create a ResourceService
Create site properties
RBAC Access control

Advanced Functions
Create a form with FormEngine
Integrate workflow - business resources
Create a workflow module
Create JMX MBeans
Create a batch with Spring Batch
Create a REST Web Service with Lutece
Forms protection against CSRFs (cross-site request forgery)
Create a Lutece website
Create a Lutèce site POM.xml

Graphical integration
Back Office graphical charter with Bootstrap
Back office Freemarker macros (Lutece v6)

Integration of plugins
Extend plugin features integration into a plugin
Intégration with the CRM plugin desk feature
Use of asynchronous upload plugin feature
Use of uploadImage plugin feature
Restrict editing of documents to some BO managers
Add redirection links to external sites from BO
Use of appointment plugin feature
Deploy a participatory democracy tool
Produce data for Elastic Search and Kibana with the ElasticData plugin
Using Blog Plugin
Integrate a Recast chatbot into a Lutece site
Use leaflet plugin

Deploy on CloudBees deprecated
Deploy on Redhat Openshift

Ideas/Work in progress