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Use of appointment plugin feature

The appointment plugin allows you to manage appointments using forms that users can access from a front office.

On the back office, it is possible to define typical and specific weeks (working days, holidays, slots, specific time slots ...) as well as many management rules to apply for the appointment (minimum time, number of reservable places ...).

This plugin, coupled with the module worfkflow, allows to manage the status of appointments (reminder by email or sms, cancellation ...)


The appointment plugin can run on an environment with a Tomcat server (min 8.0.38), java 8, maven (at least 3.3.9), and a mysql instance.

Inclusion of the plugin

You must create a site with a pom.xml that includes the plugin appointment.

You can find an example at

Once you have done this, you will need to get all the maven dependencies and create the site by running these two command lines on the workspace directory of the site:

mvn lutece:clean lutece:site-assembly

Once the compilation is successful, you will have a site-rendezvous-integration-XXX.war created on the target directory and a directory named site-rendezvous-integration-XXX.

You will need to go to the / WEB-INF / conf directory and edit the file to set the login / password to access the mysql instance.

To create the lutece schema, you will need to run the ant script located in site-rendez-vous-XXX / WEB-INF / sql, by executing in a shell prompt the command: ant

To run the application, simply put the site-rendezvous-integration-XXX.war in the tomcat webapps directory.

The sources of the current version of the Appointment plugin are available at the following address:

The plugin can be declared as a dependency of a site Lut├Ęce in his pom.xml thanks to the following code:


For developers, a complete readme has been created, describing all the steps to install the plugin, deploy the site and create new developments, add new features, enable debug mode ...

Using the plugin

Access to the back office


Access to the front office