Demos Docker images

Sep 5, 2018 3:33:53 PM Pierre LEVY avatar

Demos Docker images



Name Description
lutece/appointment Demo site for the application of appointment booking ( plugin-appointment )
lutece/chatbot Site de démonstration de chatbots utilisant plusieurs technologies (Recast.AI, Easyrules, ...) ( plugin-chatbot)
lutece/transparency Demo site for the application of transparency of meeting between elected officials and lobbies ( plugin-transparency)
lutece/suggest Demo site for the application of public consultation ( plugin-suggest)


Nom Description
lutece/tools Site that contains main Lutece tools for developers : Code generators PluginWizard, CodeWizard, Création de fichier pom.xml de build Maven
lutece/energissimo Site done during an Hackathon that present energy data of all French municipalities